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When people consider starting businesses, they often want to know if their idea can make them money. At IEI, we validate business ideas by measuring the degree to which an idea satisfies a market demand. This process provides our clients with the data necessary to decide the feasibility of their idea success.

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Through our unique one-on-one business coaching process, we are able to tailor our sessions to meet your learning style. At IEI, we provide instructions on how to create a business model that will deliver your product or service to a targeted market profitable.

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Have questions? We have the answers! IEI is your one stop shop for all your business related questions. With our 20 plus years of successful business experience and a large network of business specific subject matter experts, we have the information you are looking for.

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Get the information, coaching and training you need to succeed in business from knowledgeable Master Entrepreneurs that are willing to share their experience and shorten your learning curve.

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Mission and Philosophy of Ivy Entrepreneur Institute

We believe…

  1. In making dreams come true.

  2. In following your passion.

  3. In creating leaders, not followers.

  4. In giving the world the next great Entrepreneur.

What People Say

What real people said about the Ivy Entrepreneur Institute

“Ivy Entrepreneur Institute helped me with finding my cost, targeted market and even my menu. The Institute will let you know if your idea will work or no this might not work because you have to have that thought.”
Robert Harris

The Greenleaf Café LLC

“Results. We get results here. I definitely see us getting somewhere with all these meetings. It isn’t just extending them out. We’re productive. Your time is valuable and so is mine and we definitely see results.”
Stephanie Prewitt

Prewitt Services LLC

“Good sound advice was something the Institute offered that was one of my biggest helps. Having a knowledgeable professional resource there and being able to work with them made the process easier as a new business owner.”
Jera Stewart

Jera’s Heavenly Sweets LLC

“If you have an idea and resources, Ivy Entrepreneur Institute is the type of company that will find value in what you want to do and work with you through the process.”
Susan Bernard

Textile Instruments LLC